Swiss Water and Climate Forum


Climate Change transcends social structures, sectors, municipal boundaries, decision-making hierarchies and age groups. The effects are felt equally by people, nature and the economy.  The Swiss Water and Climate Forum provides a basis for tackling global problems at a regional level. The Forum responds to the different needs of the private sector, public authorities, research institutions and civil society organisations and provides a format for aligning different interests in order to reach common goals. Not a conference, but rather a large-scale project incubator to regionalize the climate and water debate: The forum is the culmination of a two-year cycle of regional activities, during which sustainable initiatives for the promotion of regional climate resilience are being developed. The highlight of each Forum cycle is a multi-day event. The event takes place in Willisau (LU), where a new modular venue is being created in the spirit of sustainable event management.

For more information, check the website.

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