Many of Kenya’s service gaps regarding water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) need yet to be closed. Private operators are instrumental to bring these essential services to many Kenyans who live in remote, rural and low-income areas and disttricts. This is why cewas partnered with Aqua for All and OPERO Services to launch WA-KE UP, the WASH & WRM Business Development and AccelerationProgramme Kenya.

WA-KE UP is a dedicated business accelerator providing concerted, sector and context-specific business development support for scaling-up WASH & water resource management (WRM)businesses in Kenya.

The WA-KE UP programme is designed to deliver personalised and long-term support for WASH & WRM businesses who want to become investment-ready. The support provided includes technical assistance from sector-smart business development experts, networking and matchmaking opportunities as well as the opportunity to access seed capital grants to implement business development projects.

As a basis for tailoring theWA-KE UP programme to the enterprise and sector needs, cewas conducted a comprehensive ecosystem analysis and mapping of WASH and WRM businesses.

Learn more about the programme and participating enterprises here:

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