IDEATION: Water and Climate Career Curriculum Europe


The 3-year Erasmus+ Youth for Water and Climate Program fosters capacity building and employability of young professionals across Europe and connects the needs of water & climate organisations with youth. The program aims to develop common and innovative methodologies to strengthen a global youth partnership. The youth program addresses climate and water related issues and enhances their outreach and impact. It equips European youth with relevant and sector-specific skills in collaboration with program partners at global, regional and country levels and thus contributes to building a more sustainable and water secure world.

cewas is leading the development of a career curriculum providing youth with the necessary skills to take up a career in the water & climate sector or even start their own project or business. The material will be tested and further developed during a pilot phase with youth between 18-30 years old coming from France, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary and Belgium. The learnings from the pilot phase will be useful for a larger implementation with several cohorts from different European countries. The material will be open-source and accessible to all European young professionals to help them turn ideas into reality and multiply its impact.

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