CSO Performance Report Kenya


To improve the performance of Kenyan civil society organisations, cewas provided strategic support to Kewasnet in the aim of establishing a monitoring system that captures the performance of Kenyan CSOs active in the water and sanitation sphere. In specific, we supported Kewasnet in developing the 2nd and 3rd CSO Annual Water and Sanitation Performance Report Kenya, which resulted in continuous learning among CSOs and enhanced effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of WASH and WRM projects. It further aimed at monitoring of and reporting on CSO contributions to optimise sector coordination and to support an effective sector-wide approach towards sustainable water management.

For this purpose, the report specifically:

  • analyses how non-state actors have contributed to the development of the Kenyan water sector during the financial year
  • provides a quantitative assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in project management practices among water sector CSOs and lists recommendations for the CSOs based on the analyses; and
  • assesses the enabling environment for CSO projects and develops recommendations for other sector stakeholders to ensure CSOs can effectively contribute to the operationalisation of the Kenyan Water Act.  

As a result of these two reports, a benchmarking system is now being developed to evaluate Integrity, Quality and Compliance in the projects of Kewasnet’s members and other Kenyan CSOs.

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