Integrity Management in the water sector in Paraguay and Argentina


cewas, as part of the Consortium  for Integrity in the Water Sector in Latin America, composed by the Stockholm  International Water Institute (SIWI) and the Water Integrity Network (WIN),  carried out the project "Integrity in the water and sanitation sector,  initiating change processes for integrity in key actors of the water and sanitation sector in Latin America" funded by the Inter-American  Development Bank (IADB) during the period November 2019 to February 2022.  

As part of this process, the consortium prepared two new IntegrityManagement Toolboxes, which were originally designed for water and sanitation service operators. One toolbox was adapted to the needs of the policy maker, and another toolbox was prepared for the regulator. In addition, the consortium prepared a sectoral integrity management methodology, in which the utilities, the regulator, the policy maker and civil society all participate.

These methodologies were  applied online in Paraguay during the year 2021, whose water sector is made  up of the Water Utility of Paraguay (ESSAP), the Directorate of Drinking  Water and Sanitation (DAPSAN) and the Regulator of Water and Sanitation  Services (ERSSAN).    

cewas facilitated the  Integrity Management process at ESSAP, achieving the preparation and  publication of the internal anti-corruption policy.

In Argentina, the  Consortium worked with the water enterprise AySA (Agua y Saneamientos  Argentinos), supporting the Department of Integrity and Best Practices in  identifying its integrity risks and selecting measures to mitigate them. It  also conducted a series of integrity workshops for AySA staff members.



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