Integrity Management Toolbox


Our first Integrity Management Toolbox focussed on Water Utilities and provided a systemic bottom-up approach for increasing the utilities’ economic efficiency by enhancing their level of integrity. It initiated an integrity change process that supported the management and board of directors and was embedded in an initial 2–3-day workshop in which a participatory corruption risk analysis was conducted. Subsequently, the implementation of these tools within the utilities had been initiated and planned. The approach has been carried out so far in many countries such as Kenya, Bangladesh, Indonesia as well as Latin America. As cewas, we continuously work on the improvement of the toolbox and support water sector organisations in applying governance and integrity practices in their day-to-day operations. Based on this toolbox for water utilities, the approach was further developed and adapted to other stakeholder groups such as Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, NGOs, and Water Associations. A generic online version of the toolbox can be found at this link.

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