Integrity – Quality – Compliance Toolbox


IQC is a hands-on approach that aims to improve Integrity, manage quality, and ensure compliance of small-scale water projects. Many projects fail prematurely or remain unused due to poor planning or integrity issues. This must stop. Lives and our environment are at stake, as is the credibility of water sector organisations. The IQC framework includes a set of tangible project management tools and templates to address most common risks. These are inspired by international project management standards but designed specifically for use on sanitation and water projects that aim to extend services. IQC helps if you are planning or managing a water project, if you are developing a water point, establishing a water kiosk or other WASH infrastructure, or if you oversee the water and sanitation project portfolio in a development organisation. IQC approach is used to:

  • Introduce simple project management processes to develop more effective and sustainable water projects
  • Gain trust from partners and funders and improve working relationships with government stakeholders
  • Increase impact by Limiting losses to corruption or poor integrity.
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