Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) Training Programme


Based on our highly successful in-person and online trainings on Sustainable Sanitation and WaterManagement (SSWM) that are implemented in collaboration with our sister organisation seecon international gmbh since 2010, cewas now offers a brand-new training focused on Faecal SludgeManagement (FSM). This training is specifically designed to support participants in conceptualising a local FSM intervention. It uniquely incorporates theoretical learning and hands-on application of contents to participants’ real-life FSM project ideas.The FSM training usually lasts for one week and aims to activate a change towards a holistic and participatory approach in the planning and implementation of FSM interventions. The trainings empower participants, who will acquire relevant tools for performing a stakeholder analysis, identifying problems faced by the population in the target area, defining the elements of a logical project framework, conceptualising an FSM system, addressing elements of an enabling FSM environment, creating an action plan for project-related activities, and effectively presenting and communicating training results.

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