Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR) Business Development Trainings


Resource, Recovery and Reuse (RRR) Business Development trainings are designed for entrepreneurs and trainers who wish to deepen their knowledge in resource, recovery and reuse business model ideas. The RRR ideas are based on the safe resource recovery from liquid and solid waste so as to help address food and energy security, cost recovery in the water, sanitation and resource management sector, as well as livelihood opportunities. The trainings equip participants with the needed technical and business strategy tools to support the entrepreneurial process when conceiving, launching and growing a venture in the water, sanitation or resource management sector. Furthermore, participants learn more about technological options for the implementation of RRR systems, as well as promising business models for the reuse of water, nutrients or the recovery of energy, keeping in mind health and integrity management issues. cewas carried out trainings in Peru, Vietnam, India and Uganda, Sri Lanka.Palestine, Germany, ..etc, and also developed a RRR self-study online course on

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