Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Training Programme

cewas, in collaboration with seecon, and other key partners such as Cap-Net, BORDA, DRC and GTO, offers regular Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management -SSWM-training courses worldwide. They build on the SSWM Toolbox and aim at linking up sustainable sanitation, water management and agriculture at the local level and in practice. The SSWM Training courses enable participants to fully exploit the benefits of the SSWM Toolbox and develop a thorough understanding of Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management. The SSWM Training Course follows a participatory, cross-institutional and interdisciplinary approach. While outlining the training programme, great emphasis is laid on participants’ interaction: besides face-to-face lectures, group works and case studies, visits to existing projects and role-plays reveal creativity and make participants think in a holistic way. The SSWM training course has been imparted since 2010 in countries such as Nepal, India, Philippines, Peru, Bolivia, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Mexico, Namibia, Nicaragua, Kurdistan and Brazil. More than 700+ participants have taken part of the SSWM training, which is conducted in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. For further information, please contact project manager Leonellha Barreto Dillon at or visit our SSWM Toolbox online

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