Crisis-proofing Sustainable WASH and Resource Management Solutions in the Middle East.

Given the acute instability triggered by COVID-19 in combination with economic difficulties, the immediate survival of young business ventures is at risk. It is thus essential to establish a framework that could provide the necessary support to turn this crisis into an opportunity for adapted business models for crisis relief. The WASH vs. COVID-19 Innovator Fund was born from the belief that our innovators can and deserve to provide solutions in the fields they know best, and that during the corona years are more in the focus of the public’s attention than ever: Water, sanitation, health, hygiene and (waste) resource management. With micro grants constituting the innovator fund, cewas and its partners, Toilets for All and Aqua for All, has supported 5 entrepreneurial projects which provided an innovative example in addressing health & environmental crisis and contributed to health crises prevention and mitigation through projects with a direct and measurable impact on society and environment:

Jawnah – Period Poverty Dignity Kits (Lebanon)

Too Good To Waste – Sustainable Food for All (Lebanon)

Flowless – Smart Water Quality and Flow Management (Palestine)

Safaa for Plumbing Services – Providing Maintenance for Underprivileged Households (Jordan)

SOLVillion - Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System-DWWS in Schools (Jordan)

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