Impact Investment Facilitation

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Empowering Impactful Investments

Cewas works on both sides: we make WASH enterprises investment ready and investors WASH-sectors ready. We invest a lot of time to make sure our WASH enterprises are ready for investments so we can link and matchmake them with our broad network of investors. We also support philanthropic and impact investors to design or refine their impact investment strategies, develop new financing instruments and find the right match from our vast WASH enterprise portfolio. Cewas does not manage funds or invest itself in enterprises, but helps make investment deals possible.

Swiss Bluetec Bridge
Bridging Innovation: Swiss Bluetec Bridge
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Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste
Seising Opportunities Amidst Crisis: Resilience in Water Entrepreneurship
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Unlocking Investments for Water Entrepreneurship
Bridging Investments for Water Entrepreneurship
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Micro Results-based Investments
Nurturing Innovation: Pollination & MVP Testing
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Empowering Water Impact: The Impact Financing Toolbox
Financing Water Impact
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SCALE-UP: Swiss Bluetec Bridge
Empowering Water & Sanitation Innovators: Swiss Bluetec Bridge
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