Accelerating Water Enterprises

Knowledge & training
May 22, 2024

A Handbook for Sustainability Champions & Change Makers

Entrepreneurial initiatives are pivotal in addressing water-related challenges, offering a spectrum of both commercial and impactful opportunities within the water sector. Despite numerous promising business models globally, many start-ups and enterprises face challenges in scaling their operations, particularly in the absence of sector-specific acceleration services. To bridge this gap, we have curated this handbook to inspire and assist readers on their acceleration journey, whether as supporters of acceleration or as enterprises poised for the acceleration stage.

Drawing from our extensive experience in supporting over 300 social water entrepreneurs worldwide, this handbook delves into the intricacies of water and its related sectors. It navigates through diverse market conditions impacting water-related enterprises, offering insights into varied solutions and growth pathways.

Sitting at the intersection of water, entrepreneurship, and acceleration, this handbook serves as a unique knowledge resource. Our aim is for both entrepreneurs and those dedicated to supporting them to gain valuable insights and guidance from the wealth of knowledge shared within these pages.

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