Green Accelerator Middle East (GA-ME)

Entrepreneurship support

Green Accelerator Middle East (GA-ME) heralds a new era of regional green entrepreneurship, empowering social and environmental impact enterprises to scale and thrive. Launched in May 2021, GA-ME brings together 11 innovative companies committed to driving sustainable solutions in agriculture, water, sanitation, hygiene, waste, and health sectors across Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Empowering Environmental Entrepreneurs

GA-ME, the Middle East's inaugural regional green entrepreneurship accelerator program, is spearheaded by Cewas in partnership with impact investors and esteemed collaborators. The accelerator is dedicated to nurturing environmental entrepreneurs, guiding them towards investment readiness and scaling their sustainable business models.

Strategic Partnerships for Impact

GA-ME is supported by key partners including the Islamic Development Bank, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, UNDP, Palestinian Investment Fund, Arcenciel, and Asfari Foundation. These strategic collaborations provide essential technical assistance and guidance, amplifying the impact of environmental enterprises in the region.

Fostering Innovation and Impact

Participating green businesses within GA-ME showcase innovative solutions aimed at addressing critical challenges in their target countries. Selection criteria emphasize environmental and social impact, robust business models, revenue generation, product/service viability, and a strong customer base. GA-ME champions dedicated teams driving tangible change and measurable results.

Unleashing Potential

As GA-ME accelerates green enterprises towards success, it creates a dynamic ecosystem of innovation, collaboration, and impact. Through transformative initiatives like GA-ME, Cewas and its partners pave the way for a sustainable future, where environmental entrepreneurship thrives and drives positive change in communities.

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About Cewas

Cewas, a leading force in sustainable water solutions, collaborates with partners to amplify the impact of environmental entrepreneurs. Through initiatives like GA-ME, Cewas remains committed to catalysing innovation and fostering positive environmental change across the Middle East.

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