WASH Accelerator Kenya (WA-KE UP)

Entrepreneurship support

WA-KE UP (WASH & WRM Business Development and Acceleration Programme Kenya) represents a collaborative effort between Cewas, Aqua for All, and OPERO Services to address critical gaps in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services across Kenya. By empowering private operators in remote, rural, and low-income areas, WA-KE UP aims to transform the WASH and water resource management (WRM) landscape in Kenya.

Empowering WASH Entrepreneurs

WA-KE UP serves as a dedicated business accelerator, offering tailored support to WASH & WRM enterprises seeking to scale up and become investment-ready. Through technical assistance, networking opportunities, and access to seed capital grants, WA-KE UP equips businesses with the tools and resources needed to drive meaningful impact in Kenya's WASH sector.

Strategic Partnerships for Impact

The collaboration between Cewas, Aqua for All, and OPERO Services underscores a shared commitment to catalysing change and advancing sustainable WASH solutions in Kenya. WA-KE UP leverages sector expertise, strategic networking, and financial support to empower WASH entrepreneurs and drive positive transformation.

Comprehensive Ecosystem Analysis

WA-KE UP's tailored approach is informed by a comprehensive ecosystem analysis and mapping of WASH and WRM businesses in Kenya. This foundational research ensures that the programme aligns with enterprise and sector needs, facilitating targeted support and impactful outcomes.

Driving Innovation and Scale

WA-KE UP is a catalyst for innovation, scale, and impact within Kenya's WASH sector. By nurturing WASH & WRM businesses, the programme contributes to improved access to essential services, enhanced livelihoods, and sustainable development across communities.

Learn more about the programme and participating enterprises here: https://wakeup.creation.camp

About Cewas

Cewas plays a pivotal role in WA-KE UP's success, leveraging its expertise and partnerships to drive positive change in Kenya's WASH landscape. As a leader in sustainable water solutions, Cewas remains dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering impactful solutions for a better future.

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