CSO Performance Report Kenya

Governance & Integrity

In collaboration with Kewasnet, Cewas initiated a strategic initiative to improve the performance of civil society organisations (CSOs) in Kenya's water and sanitation sphere. This effort involved the development of the 2nd and 3rd CSO Annual Water and Sanitation Performance Report Kenya, aimed at enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of water, sanitation, and water resource management (WASH & WRM) projects.

Key Objectives of the CSO Performance Report

  1. Performance Analysis: Assess the contributions of non-state actors to the development of Kenya's water sector during the fiscal year.
  2. Project Management Evaluation: Conduct a quantitative assessment of project management practices among water sector CSOs, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and providing recommendations for improvement.
  3. Enabling Environment Assessment: Evaluate the regulatory and operational environment for CSO projects, offering recommendations to enhance CSO effectiveness under the Kenyan Water Act.

Impact & Outcomes

  1. Continuous Learning: The CSO Performance Report fosters a culture of continuous learning among CSOs, promoting enhanced project effectiveness and sustainability.
  2. Sector Coordination: Monitoring and reporting CSO contributions optimise sector coordination, supporting a cohesive and effective approach to sustainable water management.
  3. Benchmarking System: The reports have led to the development of a benchmarking system, enabling the evaluation of Integrity, Quality, and Compliance in projects undertaken by Kewasnet's members and other Kenyan CSOs.

Recommendations & Future Directions

Based on the analyses and findings of the CSO Performance Report, targeted recommendations are provided to CSOs for improving project management practices and navigating the regulatory landscape. Additionally, ongoing efforts focus on leveraging the benchmarking system to drive continuous improvement and promote best practices across the sector.

The CSO Performance Report in Kenya serves as a valuable tool for assessing and enhancing the contributions of civil society organisations in the water and sanitation sector. By fostering learning, improving project management, and advocating for an enabling environment, the report plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainable water management initiatives and achieving sector-wide impact.

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