Design Thinking for Environmental Solutions

Knowledge & training

At Cewas, we harness the power of Design Thinking to foster creative solutions for environmental challenges. Our Design Thinking workshops are tailored for universities, NGOs, and commercial clients, offering a unique approach to problem-solving and ideation in the realm of environmental sustainability.

Key Features

  • Creative Ideation: The workshops integrate design thinking methodologies with a focus on environmental sustainability, fostering a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment for creative ideation.
  • Interactive Learning: Emphasizing participant interaction, the workshops include face-to-face lectures, group exercises, case studies, and field visits to existing projects, promoting holistic thinking and creativity.
  • Practical Application: Participants engage in hands-on activities and role-plays to apply design thinking methods and tools to address specific environmental issues, cultivating innovative solutions.

Impactful Workshops

  • Amman, Jordan Workshop: In 2019, Cewas organised an Environmental Design Thinking workshop in Amman, Jordan, spanning three days and integrating design thinking approaches with environmental sustainability principles.
  • Empowered Participants: The workshop empowered participants to conduct needs-based ideation processes for environmental business ideas, driving a change in the development of impactful solutions.

Unlocking Creativity:

  • Cross-Institutional Collaboration: Through participatory and cross-institutional collaboration, the Design Thinking workshops stimulate creativity, foster collaboration, and activate a shift towards innovative problem-solving.
Cewas' Design Thinking for Environmental Solutions workshops inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and empower participants to generate innovative solutions for environmental challenges. By combining design thinking methodologies with environmental sustainability principles, we catalyse positive change and drive impactful innovation in the environmental sector.

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