Enhancing Governance: Kenya Governance Assessment Tool

Governance & Integrity

Cewas collaborated with Kenya's Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF) to develop a Governance Assessment Tool aimed at improving investment decision-making and fostering a conducive environment within the water sector. This tool systematically evaluates key areas to drive improvements in governance and service delivery.

Key Areas of Assessment

  1. Institutional Dynamics: Evaluates relationships between service providers, investors, regulators, and governance bodies, emphasising collaboration and stakeholder engagement.
  2. Governance Principles: Focuses on transparency, accountability, participation, and anti-corruption measures, ensuring integrity and ethical practices.
  3. Performance Metrics: Assesses effectiveness, efficiency, organisational strategy, financial management, and technical operations, guiding utilities towards optimal performance.

Implementation & Impact

  • Collaborative Development: Cewas worked closely with WSTF and five Kenyan utilities, providing guidance and training on utilising the tool effectively.
  • Pilot Phase: The tool was piloted with utilities, revealing diverse performance levels ranging from 16% to 74%, highlighting areas for improvement.
  • Utility-Specific Insights: Larger utilities generally obtained higher scores, showcasing the tool's ability to offer tailored insights and strategies based on utility size and context.

Achieving Positive Change:The Governance Assessment Tool empowers water utilities in Kenya to enhance governance practices, foster stakeholder collaboration, and optimise operational efficiency. By providing a structured assessment framework, the tool supports utilities in making informed decisions and driving continuous improvement in service delivery.

Cewas' collaboration with WSTF resulted in the development of a comprehensive Governance Assessment Tool, facilitating data-driven decision-making and governance enhancements within the Kenyan water sector. Through ongoing utilisation and refinement, this tool contributes to building a more transparent, accountable, and effective water governance framework in Kenya.

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