Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development | Middle East

Ecosystem development

In Jordan, Cewas collaborates with ecosystem partners to streamline support services for green entrepreneurs by building pipelines, capacities, and collectively addressing market development. Through the Green Entrepreneurship Network, Cewas promotes collaboration among partners and supports those introducing new green business support schemes. Under this framework, Cewas organizes ecosystem-building meetups to engage government, academia, finance, and investment actors, creating opportunities for green businesses to thrive.

Cewas collaborates with key stakeholders in Jordan's entrepreneurship sector to facilitate market development for green businesses. This involves addressing various topics, including:

  • Green policies (gaps and incentives)
  • Business Development services (incubation and Acceleration)
  • Building business cases for green solutions
  • Financial support systems and Investment Facilitation
  • Green skills and green jobs
  • Young talent growth through ideation
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