Support for AQUATÓN Winners

Entrepreneurship support

In May 2021, Peru's Ministry of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation (MVCS) organised an event called AQUATÓN to attract Peruvian entrepreneurs to develop solutions for the rural water and sanitation challenges.

Participating groups addressed challenges such as creating easy-to-assemble toilet modules and exploring water disinfection alternatives.

Competition Winners

• CASA (Ciudades Auto-Sostenibles Amazónicas), presenting a dry toilet module within a structure with PVC pipe walls for water storage.
• AQUAmoss, introducing an eco-filter made of clay, sawdust, dry moss, and colloidal silver.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) entrusted Cewas and SABAVIDA to support the winning teams. The project aimed to stimulate innovation in Peru's water and sanitation sector, resulting in success stories and valuable lessons learned.

Additional Resources

• Official AQUATÓN website: AQUATÓN Website
• To learn more about CASA in the video below and read their factsheet (in Spanish).
• To learn more about AQUAmoss,in the video below and read their factsheet (in Spanish)

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