Institutional Strengthening of Municipalities in Bolivia

Knowledge & training

In collaboration with HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, CSD Ingenieros, and AGUATUYA, Cewas launched on an Environmental Management project in Bolivia. Focused on solid waste management and water treatment residuals, the project targeted 20 intermediate and small cities. As part of this initiative, cewas designed an institutional strengthening program aimed at enhancing the capabilities of stakeholders involved in the solid waste and wastewater management sector.

Key Objectives

• Capacity Building: The program focused on developing innovation, organisational, and management capacities among stakeholders to enable them to deliver sustainable services.
• Health Protection: By strengthening institutional capacities, the program aimed to safeguard public health by ensuring the sustainable provision of solid waste and wastewater management services.

Program Outcomes

• Redefining Business Models: Participants of the program successfully redefined their business models to align with sustainability principles, ensuring long-term viability in service provision.
• Action Plans: Through the program, stakeholders developed actionable plans to enhance their performance and efficiency in managing solid waste and wastewater.

Impactful Collaboration

• Holistic Approach: The program adopted a holistic approach, addressing key aspects such as innovation, organisation, and management to drive positive change in the sector.

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