Integrity, Quality & Compliance Toolbox

Governance & Integrity

Implemented by Cewas, the Integrity – Quality – Compliance (IQC) Toolbox is a practical approach designed to elevate the integrity, quality, and compliance standards of small-scale water projects. Inadequate planning and integrity issues often lead to project failures or underutilisation, posing risks to lives, the environment, and the credibility of water sector organisations.

Key Objectives of IQC

  1. Improved Project Management: Implement simple yet effective project management processes to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of water projects.
  2. Building Trust and Relationships: Gain trust from partners, funders, and government stakeholders by demonstrating commitment to integrity, quality, and compliance.
  3. Enhancing Impact: Minimise losses due to corruption or integrity issues, thereby increasing the overall impact of water and sanitation projects.

Framework and Tools

The IQC framework comprises a comprehensive set of tangible tools and templates, inspired by international project management standards but tailored specifically for small-scale water projects. These tools are instrumental in addressing common risks associated with project integrity, quality assurance, and compliance.

Target Audience and Application

  • Project Managers: Utilise IQC tools to streamline project management processes and ensure project success.
  • Water Sector Organisations: Enhance credibility and build strong relationships with stakeholders through adherence to integrity, quality, and compliance standards.
  • Development Organisations: Oversee water and sanitation project portfolios more effectively, leading to increased impact and sustainability.

Benefits of IQC Approach:

  1. Effective Project Development: IQC introduces simplified project management processes, leading to more efficient and sustainable water projects.
  2. Trust and Partnerships: Demonstrating a commitment to integrity and quality fosters trust among partners, funders, and government stakeholders.
  3. Increased Impact: By addressing integrity and compliance issues, IQC minimises losses and maximises the impact of water and sanitation initiatives.
The IQC Toolbox is a valuable resource for improving the integrity, quality, and compliance of small-scale water projects. By adopting IQC principles and utilising its practical tools, water sector stakeholders can enhance project success, build trust, and achieve greater impact in addressing global water challenges.

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