Promoting Integrity: Water Sector Integrity Management - Latin America

Governance & Integrity

In collaboration with SIWI and WIN, Cewas led the "Integrity in the Water and Sanitation Sector" project funded by IADB. This initiative aimed to initiate integrity change processes within key actors of the water sector in Latin America.

Toolbox Development

  • Operator Toolbox: Enhances integrity practices and transparency for water and sanitation service operators.
  • Policy Maker Toolbox: Promotes integrity and ethical standards in water governance for policymakers.
  • Regulator Toolbox: Supports regulators in ensuring fair practices and compliance within the water sector.

Methodology Implementation

  • Sectoral Integrity Management Methodology: Fosters a culture of integrity and accountability among utilities, regulators, policymakers, and civil society.
  • Online Application in Paraguay: Applied methodologies involving key entities such as ESSAP, DAPSAN, and ERSSAN to strengthen integrity practices.
  • Impact in Paraguay: Facilitated the development of ESSAP's internal anti-corruption policy, promoting transparency and ethical conduct.
  • Initiatives in Argentina: Collaborated with AySA to identify integrity risks, implement mitigation measures, and conduct integrity workshops for staff members.

Achieving Change & Transparency:Strategic methodologies and tailored toolboxes contributed to promoting integrity, transparency, and accountability within Latin America's water sector. Tangible outcomes include strengthening anti-corruption policies and fostering a culture of ethical governance.

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