Promoting Transparency and Governance in Latin America's Water Sector

Governance & Integrity

Latin America, rich in water resources, grapples with challenges in water supply, distribution, and access due to corruption and governance issues. The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) launched the "Transparency, Information Management, and Governance in the Water and Sanitation Sector" project. This initiative aimed to enhance governance, transparency, and equitable water access in Latin America.

Consortium Collaboration

The Water Integrity Network (WIN), Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), and Cewas joined forces to form a consortium. Together, they implemented technical cooperation initiatives, focusing on integrity change processes using the "Integrity Management Toolbox."

Project Objectives

  1. Develop and Implement Policies: Support key water sector actors in developing and implementing policies and practices to enhance governance and transparency.
  2. Tool and Mechanism Creation: Create tools, mechanisms, and practices to improve sectoral governance and transparency.
  3. Capacity Building: Build capacity among stakeholders to foster integrity and ethical practices in water management.

Implementation & Impact

  • Technical Cooperation Initiatives: Implemented integrity change processes based on the Integrity Management Toolbox in countries like Ecuador, Honduras, and Guatemala.
  • Policy Implementation: Facilitated the adoption of governance-enhancing policies and mechanisms in the water sector.
  • Capacity Development: Enhanced the capacity of water sector stakeholders to promote transparency and integrity in water management practices.

Outcomes and Future Directions

The collaboration between WIN, SIWI, Cewas, and IADB has catalysed positive changes in Latin America's water sector governance. By fostering transparency, information management, and integrity practices, the project contributes to sustainable water management and equitable access across the region.

The joint efforts of the consortium have laid the groundwork for improved governance, transparency, and information management in Latin America's water and sanitation sector. Moving forward, continued collaboration and capacity-building initiatives will be essential to sustain positive impacts and drive lasting change in water governance practices.

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