Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR) Business Development Trainings

Knowledge & training

Unlocking the potential of resource recovery and reuse (RRR) is paramount in addressing crucial challenges like food and energy security, sustainable cost recovery, and creating livelihood opportunities within the water, sanitation, and resource management sector. Recognising this imperative, Cewas presents comprehensive RRR Business Development trainings tailored for entrepreneurs and trainers seeking to deepen their expertise in RRR business models.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Safe Resource Recovery: Participants delve into safe resource recovery from liquid and solid waste, exploring innovative approaches to address critical needs in food and energy security.
  • Business Model Innovation: The trainings facilitate the exploration of promising business models for water, nutrient reuse, and energy recovery, underpinned by strategies for cost recovery and livelihood enhancement.
  • Technical Expertise: Entrepreneurs gain insights into technological options for implementing RRR systems, ensuring a holistic understanding of health and integrity management considerations.

Comprehensive Learning Experience:

  • Entrepreneurial Support: Equipping participants with technical and business strategy tools, the trainings support the entrepreneurial journey from conception and launch to sustainable growth in the water, sanitation, or resource management sector.
  • Global Reach: Cewas' RRR Business Development trainings have spanned across diverse regions such as Peru, Vietnam, India, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Germany, and beyond, fostering a global exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Online Learning Resources:

  • Accessible Self-Study Course: Complementing the in-person trainings, Cewas offers a comprehensive RRR self-study online course accessible on, providing a flexible learning platform for individuals worldwide.

Empowering Entrepreneurial Impact:

  • Sustainable Solutions: By empowering entrepreneurs with technical acumen and business acumen, Cewas' RRR trainings drive the development of sustainable solutions that address pressing environmental and societal challenges.
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