Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Training Programme

Knowledge & training

In partnership with our sister organisation seecon, Cewas spearheads the Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) Training Programme, a global initiative aimed at equipping professionals with the knowledge and tools for sustainable water management and agriculture.

Program Overview

  • SSWM Toolbox: Leveraging the extensive SSWM Toolbox, the largest platform in its domain, participants gain access to comprehensive resources and best practices.
  • Training Approach: The week-long training course adopts a participatory, interdisciplinary approach, fostering interaction and creativity among participants.
  • Curriculum Highlights: Through face-to-face lectures, group activities, site visits, and role-plays, the programme delves into sustainable sanitation, water management, and their integration with agriculture.

Global Impact

  • Wide Reach: Over 100 SSWM training courses have been conducted since 2010, spanning across numerous countries and languages.
  • Empowered Professionals: More than 2300 participants have benefited from the programme, enhancing their skills and expertise in sustainable water practices.

Holistic Learning Experience

The SSWM Training Programme goes beyond theoretical learning, providing hands-on experiences and real-world case studies to foster holistic thinking.

Multilingual Approach

Courses are conducted in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for diverse participants worldwide.

Continued Commitment

Cewas remains dedicated to advancing sustainable practices and empowering professionals to drive positive change in water management and agriculture.

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