Tailor-made Integrity Management Course for Argentinian Water & Sanitation Utility

Governance & Integrity

AySA is the public provider of drinking water and sewage treatment services for the City of Buenos Aires and 26districts in the Buenos Aires suburbs. AySA's Integrity and Good Practices Department is dedicated to fostering a culture of integrity within the organisation by providing knowledge, promoting prevention, and encouraging the commitment and participation of all AySA employees in matters of integrity and transparency.


As part of the "Consultancy for Initiating Change Processes for Integrity in Key Actors of the Water and Sanitation Sector in Latin America," funded by the IDB, Cewas supported AySA's Integrity and Good Practices Department in developing a virtual course tailored to the needs of this service provider. The aim was to promote integrity among AySA employees. In October 2023, Cewas conducted a participatory workshop to identify learning needs and define the course structure. Subsequently, experts from Cewas and AySA collaborated to create the course content and materials, which are now available to over 7,000 employees.

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