Toolkit For Green Incubation & Acceleration

Knowledge & training
June 20, 2024

Step into a transformative journey through sustainable entrepreneurship with our "Toolkit for Green and Circular Entrepreneurship", a comprehensive guidebook that compiles the experience of Berytech, the Circular Hub, and Cewas.


Tailored for Business Support Organisations (BSOs), this guide spans ideation to acceleration, offering methodologies and strategies to empower green ventures in Lebanon and beyond.

Key Features

  • Ideation to Acceleration: From shaping ideas to fostering circular principles, the toolkit champions businesses with purpose.
  • Comprehensive Guidebook: It becomes an invaluable companion for organisations supporting entrepreneurs with a purpose.
  • Strategies for Sustainable Development: Offering strategies for sustainable development and insights into topics ranging from funding and partnerships to network leverage.
  • Globally Relevant: Rooted in Lebanon, its universal principles make it globally relevant, contributing to the development of sustainable ecosystems.

Benefits for BSOs and Entrepreneurs

For BSOs and entrepreneurs alike, this toolkit is key to unlocking the potential of green and circular entrepreneurship. It provides the resources and knowledge needed to navigate the realm of green and circular entrepreneurship successfully while encouraging collaboration to create a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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